Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Inspiration for this week is "The Cabala" by Albert Pucci. 

I was pretty excited to do this word, so many thoughts came into my mind! From what girls "think" is popular with orange faces, to what society makes us believe should be popular. 

Here are my lovely thumbnails! 

I went with the bottom right one, with what our society makes us believe is popular or "beautiful," everyone is beautiful and more people need to realize this. 

I did this with pencil crayons, and added the text in with Photoshop, because I wasn't happy with my own writing! 

I hope you like it!
Your comments mean so much!

Sara Stroud xx


My inspiration for the word is an illustration by Bradshaw Crandell for Cosmopolitan Magazine! 

For the word "Suspense" many ideas came to mind! 

I went with the jack in the box thumbnail, because as everyone remembers, those things are quite intense! 

I started with a radial gradient for a simple background and drew a jack in the box in primary colours, and added text under it. It's more of a sarcastic little saying, and I love it :)

It's a really simple piece of work, but I liked how it turned out!

Hope you enjoy it also :)

Sara Stroud xx

Saturday, 11 February 2012


My inspiration for the word Forward, is this American Legion Magazine illustration from 1951, artist is unknown. 

I decided to make a poster for Pay It Forward, you can check out the website Here

I found a bunch of nice things to do for people on that website and that started my thumbnails!

I went with the Charity fundraiser poster.

I added a neutral background with a design on it, then added the title, an idea of what you can do, and the date. Then I drew a hamburger and hot dog, showing that a BBQ is something you can do. 

Hope you like it!

Sara Stroud xx


My inspiration picture this week is an illustration by Tod Draz from April 1956, for American Artist Magazine.

As soon as I seen the word Twirl, I knew I was going to use a picture of my best friend Emma. She's an amazing dancer and will be a perfect model for this word! 

I started off with a picture of Emma from her dance competitions, then added a bunch of effects to make it black and white with high contrast.

I then added the image to a larger black background and added a dance quote.


Sara Stroud xx



For the Illustration Friday Challenge, the word of the week is "Prepare."

I found this image as inspiration for my piece !

NY Art Directors Annual
Illustrated by Betty Brader

I decided to do something to do with surfing again! Hearing the word Prepare, I immediately thought of a surfing event, how everyone must prepare for the big competition!

This is what i thought up, 

I am really liking the bottom right thumbnail, I can work the text around the girl and bring everything together! 

After I drew out the girl, I realized I needed a background pattern.

Then I Added colour to the girl and the surf board, then added my text.

I made it into an event poster, because what better way to tell someone to prepare is for a competition!

Sara Stroud xx

Friday, 3 February 2012

International Women's Day Progress

Hey bloggers!

I will be posting updates on a little project I am working on. It's for International Women's Day, and my inspirational woman, is Demi Lovato. She's been through so much this past year and she's stronger than ever now, and I find that very inspiring.

I painted the background blue, and added her skyscraper lyrics on top, and some words around that would make someone feel bad about themselves, because that's what forced her in such a deep depression. 

I'll keep you updated with my work!

See you later :)