Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Emotional Labour

To me, Emotional Labour is putting yourself through something that obviously isn't that enjoyable, but needs to be done. Like someones job, such as a babysitter, a nurse, or even a teacher. They do their job, but there are parts that are just not fun.
  In this Podcast, Seth Godin talks about Emotional Labour and what it means to him. 

There are so many blogs today that have created meaningful connections to us, our inspiration for today, that help us in any sort of way that we need, and most of them don't get paid for it. I follow quite a few blogs, from tumblr to twitter, everyday I learn something new that inspires and helps me for another day. 

On tumblr, there are millions of blogs that you can relate to, you just have to find the right one. Someone created tumblr for us to enjoy, to express ourselves through images and text. It probably wasn't very enjoyable, fixing every little bug in the system, getting this website to run perfectly, but he stuck it through. I follow 373 blogs, and I love everyone of them. They take time out of their own day to post stuff for others to look at and think about, you can reblog that post if you like it so much and want to go to it another day! There are millions of pictures, text posts, and fun little gifs that can brighten your day! No one is paid to post on tumblr, they do it for fun, for other people to enjoy.  

Twitter is also a blog that many people find connections with. A lot of people have twitter, but it's not as popular as facebook. There are many blogs on twitter that have meaningful words to say just like tumblr, you can also add pictures to show people what you're up to! I follow a lot of inspiring twitters that have a lot of good feeling quotes, and I also follow weird facts which is very interesting to learn some new things! 
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Being a Graphic Designer you go through A LOT of emotional labour. At the beginning of your career, you will have to do a lot of freelance work just to get your name out there, it won't be enjoyable but in the end it's worth it.  You also have the ability to decline work from a client, but that means you also decline a payment! You need to keep your blogs up to date with things you're working on, and what you've done. I'm new to this kind of thing, and to me it's emotional labour, I forget a lot to post my work onto this blog, as you might have noticed. It needs to be done for everyone to see my work and get me more work and I will keep working on it

Every job will have some emotional labour, something you just are not wanting to do, but in order to succeed those things will have to get done.   

Please come back often to see my updates, hopefully I can get the hang of this and post more for you all to see.

thank you xx
Sara Stroud