Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Following up on my Illustration of the week, for the word "Grounded"

I decided on the image of the girl sitting on the sand with her board beside her, looking out at the waveless ocean..

Here is my pencil drawing of my image, I'm thinking of doing it in pencil crayons!

Here is my final image, the girl is sitting on the sand, staring out at the water as the sun sets, and no waves are big enough to surf. She's grounded from the ocean. 

Hope you liked my first Illustration Friday Challenge.

This weeks word is "Prepare"
Thanks for checking out my blog.

Sara Stroud xx

Friday, 13 January 2012


I have created 4 different thumbnails for my final concept. As you can see they all have the "surfer" theme, I really enjoy the ocean and have always wanted to learn to surf! In 2 of the images, the surfer is looking out into the wave-less ocean, therefore, she is grounded from the water with no waves to rip. The one thumbnail on the right side is a close up of a beached piece of a surfboard that was broken from rough waves, which makes a surfer unable to surf. The bottom thumbnail is a surfboard graveyard of all the beached surfboards broken from impact of the waves.

I now have to decide which thumbnail I will bring to life!

Sara Stroud xx


"Grounded" is the word of the week for the Illustration Fridays Challenge.
My inspiration

"How Far Is far?"
Illustrated by Ward Brackett

I chose this image as my inspiration because to me it displays something being out of reach, or as it says in the art work, far. When I think of the word grounded, I immediately think of when you were younger and got something taking away from you in consequence of acting out.

Ideas will be uploaded later !

Hello bloggers,

I am a Graphic Designer and I will be posting some of my ideas and creations on here for you all to browse!

For the next 14 weeks I will be taking part in the Illustration Fridays Challenge, and will be keeping you updated step by step with my inspiration and ideas.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think. Your opinions will help me a lot.

Thank you

Sara Stroud xx

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