Monday, 16 April 2012


This word of the week is puzzled, I thought of so many things to do, which went off the word puzzled as in a game or a puzzle. I went with the emotion of being puzzled. 

My inspiration for this word of the week is an image from an unknown artist.
I really like how there is other things going on in the image, but still the main focus is the woman in the middle.

I was going on the emotions side of puzzled, so in my first thumbnail, it is an image of a girl looking calm but confused, in my other thumbnail, it would just be eyes with the confused eyebrow raise or even being concerned. 

I went with the girl for my final design.

I started off by drawing her face and body, I went through a lot of colour schemes and ideas but I finally decided on pastel colours!

I thought she seemed quite lonely, so I thought some sketched roses on the side would look nice.

This design would look good on a tshirt! 

Sara Stroud

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